Covalent Bonds Vision and Values

Covalent Bonds 2020 Vision & Values

What Do We Stand For As A Company

While the majority of companies have a central office, our entire team works remotely from sites around the world. So once a year it is so important for us all to get together face to face and bond.

This year we headed to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire – mainly because living in the UK I don’t get to see snow! And wow the weather didn’t fail me, and the company I was with made it a million times better!

Although we only get together in person once a year, we are such a close knit team. We are 5 amazing ladies who all have two things in common which is a hunger for success and to achieve the best in life. This drives our passion and our ambition. This has already seen results in that we have no barriers – not even time zones, locations or health. Literally nothing can stand in our way.

We all have the same vision and we have managed to grow our team by recognizing each skill set that we need to make us stronger. Individually we are all so different, but our backgrounds and knowledge that each of brings to the table is phenomenal. 

Our company retreats mean we get to laugh together – rather than on zoom (which don’t get me wrong is great, but you can’t beat in person). We did a lot of laughing, a lot of hard work and had a lot of downtime which is imperative for all of us. We also get to see each other’s skills outside work!! Olga for example is an amazing cook!! Heather doesn’t like strategy card games, but then beat all of us. Laura has a competitive streak that extends to everything. Kera is crazy about cars!

Basically we rock!

Learn more about the Covalent Bonds team members, and read our vision and values statement.

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